The Complete Guide to Navigating Australian NDIS & Disability Services

Everything you need to know about NDIS & Disability services in Australia.

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About the Author


Ruth Samer
Founder, Care For Family

Ruth has been an in-home aged & disability care and childcare services specialist for over 30 years. She began working in care management roles when she needed assistance with childcare for her own young family as her career at the time took her overseas for long periods.

She couldn’t find anything affordable with excellent quality at the same time and believed that this kind of support should be available for families. When Ruth started Care For Family it was with these principles that are still the Care For Family pillars today:

  • High quality, compassionate, individualised care,
  • At accessible and affordable prices,
  • From a team that is cared for and respected too.

This is what Ruth believes should be available for people of all ages and at all life stages if they need support.

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 NDIS & HCP Overview
Chapter 5 Living with Disability
Chapter 2 NDIS Services
Chapter 6 Carer Burnout
Chapter 3 NDIS Application & Processes
Chapter 7 Summary
Chapter 4 NDIS & Other Support Programmes
Chapter 8 FAQs