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Your Guide to Home Care Package Level 4

Post by Ruth Samer
March 19, 2024

As a person gets older, their needs change. Daily tasks become difficult. Their independence can lessen. There are ways to help your loved ones stay comfortable and independent in their home.

You can do this with a Government Home Care Package. This guide looks at the highest level: Level 4. 

What Is Home Care Package Level 4?

A Level 4 Home Care Package is the highest tier of in-home support under the Australian Government’s aged care system. This package level is for older people with complex care needs and offers substantial assistance, allowing them to live independently in their own homes.

Under Level 4, many services are tailored to a person’s unique needs. Despite this, support remains both affordable and accessible for those eligible. It is funded by the Australian Government, fully or partially, through their HCP program. 

What Does a Level 4 Home Care Package Include?

Here is a breakdown of what Level 4 Home Care Packages can include:

  • Personal care assistance: Help with daily tasks like bathing, grooming, and dressing. Trained carers give respectful, dignified assistance to maintain the recipient’s hygiene and comfort.
  • Nursing services: Professional nursing care is available for managing complex health needs. This high-level care includes wound care, medication management, and chronic disease monitoring.
  • Mobility support: This includes help with walking and using mobility aids. This service aims to enhance a person’s ability to move around while ensuring their safety.
  • Meal preparation and nutritional support: This involves helping with preparing meals and checking that dietary needs are met. This is tailored to manage diet requirements and preferences.
  • Household help: Includes help with everyday tasks like cleaning, laundry, and gardening. The overall aim is to keep a clean, safe living environment.
  • Transport services: This helps people get to appointments, go shopping, and go on social outings.
  • Therapeutic services: Access to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other allied health services. These therapies aim to improve everything from mental health to physical capabilities.
  • Home modification assistance: Involves changes to the home environment. Grab rails and ramps can be installed to enhance safety and independence.
  • Assistive technology and equipment: Provide walking frames, shower chairs, or personal alarms to support daily activities and enhance safety.
  • Social support: Getting people to take part in community activities and maintain social connections. This service is vital for mental wellbeing, helping to prevent isolation and loneliness.

A compassionate home care worker discussing a Home Care Package Level 4 plan with an elderly woman, who is smiling and looking at paperwork.

To determine which of the Home Care Packages Level 1-4 fit best with an individual, the Age Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assesses their specific requirements and preferences. The individual requires substantial, high-level support if the assessment shows that an ACAT Home Care Package Level 4 is needed.

Take the case of Margaret, an 85-year-old widow with significant health and mobility challenges. These include severe arthritis and early signs of dementia. Her condition needs extensive assistance to ensure her safety and wellbeing. This includes help with daily personal and household tasks, like bathing and meal preparation, and regular nursing care to manage her medications.

Despite these needs, Margaret strongly prefers to remain in her own home, a place filled with happy memories of her family. A Home Care Level 4 Package gives her the support to live as independently as possible. 

How Much Is a Level 4 Home Care Package?

Like other levels of home care, Level 4 is funded through a mix of government subsidies and individual contributions. Here’s a breakdown of the Home Care Package Level 4 funding:

  • Daily government subsidy rate: $163.27
  • Fortnightly government contribution: $2,285.78

Note: Home Care Package funds are revised annually on July 1. The current figures are based on rates from July 1, 2023. 

Individual contributions

In addition to government funding, people may also contribute to their care costs. This depends on their financial capacity, covered under the following criteria:

  • Basic daily fee: A fixed rate all recipients can be asked to pay, determined as a percentage of the single-person rate of the basic age pension. A Level 4 package is currently $12.53.
  • Income-tested care fee: Some may need to pay this additional fee based on their income. It is calculated through an income assessment conducted by Services Australia and is added to the basic daily fee.
  • Additional services: If someone opts for services not covered by the care service, these will incur out-of-pocket expenses.

Would you like to learn more about how this money can be spent? Please read our guide to what you can spend your care package on

How Many Hours Is a Level 4 Home Care Package?

A common query is “How many Level 4 Home Care Package hours are provided?” However, there is no definitive answer as this depends entirely on the HCP Provider’s fees and the individual’s support needs.

If you were to use Care For Family as your provider, the level of care generally equates to 13.5 hours per week. Other providers often provide fewer hours of care because of their higher fees.

What Is the Difference Between Level 3 and Level 4 Home Care Packages?

The differences between the levels of home care can be confusing. Level 3 and Level 4 are similar in their descriptions and structure. The main difference between them is the amount of care given. A Level 3 care plan is for intermediate needs, while Level 4 offers more in-depth, high-level support. This is shown in the increased care fees and funds for Level 4. Lower levels of support are available through Level 1 and Level 2 HCPs. 

A senior woman in a wheelchair bonding with a cat on her lap, while a caregiver interacts with them, highlighting the personal and compassionate care of a Level 4 Home Care Package.

Alternative Care Options

Unsure if a Home Care Package fits your needs? An alternative option is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS caters to those with permanent and significant disabilities, aiming to enhance their skills and independence. While the NDIS and Home Care Packages have different aims, some may qualify for both. Just note someone cannot be eligible for both at the same time.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) is another alternative. This is for those who need minor assistance for independent living. It’s often viewed as the first step in aged care. Our CHSP vs HCP guide tells you more about the differences between them.

Choosing the Right Home Care Package Provider

It’s crucial that you choose a Provider that offers excellent value for money to get the most out of the funding you or your loved one receives. At Care For Family, our expertise in aged care sets us apart. Our skilled team provides medical and emotional support, and we can also help ensure your package funding is correct and you get the proper government contribution.

Reach out today for detailed information on our home care package services and to discuss your specific care needs. Click here to learn more about our services.

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