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What Happens To My Centrelink Payments When I Get An NDIS Plan?

Post by Ruth Samer
February 8, 2023

If you’re someone who’s currently receiving Centrelink payments for yourself or your loved one, you may be wondering, what happens to my Centrelink payments when I get an NDIS plan? This article is here to clear things up a little and help you navigate the process.

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How do income tests for Centrelink payments work?

Centrelink will assess your income and assets to determine whether you are eligible for their payments, which include:

  • The Age Pension
  • Austudy
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Parenting Payment
  • JobSeeker Payment
  • Partner Allowance

If your earnings are above the limits set by Centrelink, your payments may be reduced or restricted. To find out more about income and asset tests, visit the Services Australia website.

Will NDIS funding impact my Centrelink payments?

Centrelink does not include NDIS funding in their income or asset tests, which means that accessing NDIS funding will not impact your Centrelink payments. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is designed to help Australians living with a disability to access support and disability care services they require, and is not considered to be a form of income support, like a Centrelink payment.

The funding you receive through the NDIS will go towards helping you or your loved one receive the types of care needed to live safely and as independently as possible, while appropriately managing the disability. Because NDIS funding is provided for very specific purposes and does not count as a form of income, it is also not taxed and does not impact Child Support Benefit.

Will my NDIS funding be reduced if I receive Centrelink payments?

No. NDIS funding is not means-tested and does not depend on your income or assets. Receiving Centrelink payments will not impact your ability to qualify for NDIS funding support. To request access to the NDIS, you can fill out an Access Request Form, either verbally, on paper, or online.



Can I receive the Mobility Allowance from Centrelink if I have an NDIS plan?

When the NDIS was introduced, multiple different programs merged into one under the NDIS. The Mobility Allowance was one of these. However, some people may still access the Mobility Allowance from Centrelink, even without an NDIS plan. This direct payment from Centrelink is for people who:

  • Are over 16 years of age
  • Have a disability
  • Require assistance using public transport services
  • Need to use public transport for activities such as work, study, training, or job seeking

If you are currently receiving NDIS funding under an NDIS plan, you will not need to access the Mobility Allowance via Centrelink, as the NDIS will provide the appropriate payments for your transport needs.


What happens to my Health Care Card if I have an NDIS plan?

Your Health Care Card can be used to lower the cost of things like utility bills, public transport tickets, and car registration. Therefore, you will be able to keep your Health Care Card, issued by Centrelink, even if you receive NDIS funding.

How do I manage my Centrelink and NDIS support payments?

While your NDIS payments are designed to be used for specific services (including home care services, travel and transport, household assistance, health needs and nursing, and more), Centrelink income support payments are there for general use, withdrawn from your bank account, at your discretion. You can think of the NDIS as supporting your disability and Centrelink as being your income, used for everything else.

The best way to manage both your Centrelink payments and your NDIS funding is to make sure you’re on the best NDIS plan. That way, you can be sure that your NDIS funding is covering all eligible aspects of your life relating to managing your disability, and that you don’t need to use your Centrelink payments for those things. Contact Care For Family today to find out more about designing an NDIS care plan that is right for you.


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